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What is bulksms reseller business?

A bulksms reseller business allows you to resell services bought from service providers to customers. The reseller dropship business model is affordable, making it an excellent option for brand spanking new entrepreneurs. As a reseller, you’re essentially the middleman between the service providers and end users. You won’t got to create your own dashboard, but you’ll still have to promote your website Whether you would like to resell sms,or resell numbers. you’ll quickly learn you'll sell anything. Your reseller online site can expand into other other countries without any extra investment, additional costs or high shipping costs.

There are a number of reasons to become a reseller. From easily sourcing from a diverse product selection to lower business costs, you’ll find that starting your own reseller business online has never been easier. You’ll get to reap the rewards of starting a business from financial gains to pursuing your passion. Here are a few reasons why you should become a reseller online

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We also offer reseller accounts to our customers with a white label-free website. This allows them to sell branded SMS to their own customers. However, a reseller account allows a user to further redistribute the credits to the other users that are created under their name. So the benefit of having e-bulksms is the user can easily undercut the e-bulksms’s prices and enhance his customer relationship efficiently.

Our e-Bulksms services ar designed for organizations that need to higher promote and popularize their businesses, brand, merchandise and services. because the bulk sms reseller, we are able to facilitate businesses in attracting real enquires associated leads and leave an ineradicable impression on the minds of their own set of shoppers.

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Able to Set Your Own Margins

once you become a reseller, you’re liberal to set your own margins. you'll prefer to price your products anyway you would like . Since the value of products is low, you'll price your products to make sure your reseller business is profitable. the upper you set your price the more you'll make. make certain to seem at industry standards for product pricing.

Pls Email us or Register as a reseller for Best Reseller prices we provide white label reseller website, with complete designed, hosting. E-Bulksms has the technical expertise, years of experience and service quality to offer an exciting business opportunity. Sell bulk SMS's through a choice of powerful Reseller packages. You can own your own bulk SMS Company and take an advantage of a dynamic and growing Bulksms industry. Also we provide you API to integrate with your own sms application. easy to integration with your sms dashboard.

The e-bulksms Reseller Advantages

There are several advantages to becoming a reseller of E-Bulksms. The reseller can extend their existing commercial relationships with clients to include the ability to send out bulk messages. The reseller could undercut e-bulksms’s prices. As in the example, the reseller could sell a batch of 1000 credits for USD 60 each rather than at e-bulksms's USD 50 each.

You should become a reseller because it allows you to start selling the same day you start your reseller business. After you’ve added a few great reseller products and some content to your site, you can start marketing your business. You can launch your reseller business in as little as sixty minutes. You won’t need to wait for inventory to arrive or wait for anything at all for that matter. You can setup and launch the same day.

Reseller Program 1 : we setup everything for you including hosting, admin panel, doamin name ect., no customization required.

Reseller Program 2 : we will customize the admin panel as you required and for your clients requirements. and hosting is from our side. and this is called partial customization.

Reseller Program 3 : In this program we will not provide anything. we will develop your own allplication based on your requirements, so this is called fully customization bulksms application.

Sell an Extensive Number of Reseller services

If you become a reseller, you’ll be able to sell a diverse range of products. If you resell bulksms from, as your business grows you can resell virtual numbers, private virtual numbers, HLR lookup service, email marketing, website traffic, or other related products. Adding other services to your reseller online site won’t cost more money as you only pay for services as customers buy from your site.

Lower investiment Risk

A major benefit to starting a reseller business is that the financial cost is low. this is often the right business for the budget-conscious, new entrepreneurs or the risk-averse. You won’t got to buy bulk inventory. processing fees aren’t sky high during a reseller business. you simply buy goods as customers get them organized through your reseller online shop. Thus, the financial cost for setup is low.

How to become a e-Bulk SMS Reseller?

STEP 1. Accept our Bulk SMS Reseller Terms & Conditions and Fill out the Resellers Application form attached which entitles you to become an official e-bulksms authorized reseller.

STEP 2. Buy e-bulksms messages at our reseller listed price.

STEP 3. Sell e-bulksms messages to your customers at your own price

  • Free Hosting First Year : Yes
  • Free SMS Panel : Yes
  • Admin Panel : Free
  • Validity : LifeTime
  • Live Demo : yes upon request

Note: If there is any Perticular Mobile Service Provider/Operator which is not included in the current list, which you would want for sending messages, Please do let us know the Mobile Service Operator and its country of operation so that we can tie up with that particular Mobile Service Provider.


  • All Kind of violation of norms by you or by your clients shall taken the required steps by the Operators & TRAI.
  • Unlimited validity for any online SMS pack
  • Sender ID will be approved if required.
  • Easy to use online SMS Panel
  • Start selling Bulksms packages with high profit with very low capital.
  • 24x7 SMS Online Chat, email, skype Technical Support
  • Create sub Resellers under reseller account
  • Purchase Bulk SMS at less prices and sale at a much higher profits

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