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e-BulkSMS.com provides a best way to reach the audiance world wide. messaging services a simple and fast way to get more customers easily, you can send single sms or bulksms to public organisations, schools, travels agent companies and individuals. Our company has services in more than 180 countries in the world, including Europien countries, African countries, Asian countries, UK, the United States of America.

There are many variations of packages available, but the majority customers will look for lowest cost sms rates, by searching online, or by other words which don't look even slightly believable. If you are going to use our eBulkSMS service, you need to be register first. The Registration is completely free. we provide online support for sending sms to increase your business traffic. we provide bilk SMS service to more than 190 countries and more than 800 networks in the world. Sign Up

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BulkSMS Online Services

There is no doubt in it that e-bulksms are the only solution for all your Bulk SMS problems. Along with we are offering services that are not only facilitating the small and large businesses, but also a way to recognize business among the audience.

Bulksms Service

Are you looking for the best and the most affordable bulksms service providers? If yes, then we are here for you to provide a mean of connection to connect with your valuable customers. Now the best SMS marketing solution is available for the users to handle their business marketing needs. The most prominent thing is we are not offering bulksms services just for an area but globally all the countries of the world.

Reseller accounts

We also offer reseller accounts to our customers with a white label-free website. This allows them to sell branded SMS to their own customers. However, a reseller account allows a user to further redistribute the credits to the other users that are created under their name. So the benefit of having e-bulksms is the user can easily undercut the e-bulksms’s prices and enhance his customer relationship efficiently.

SMS API Integration

Another main feature of e-bulksms is that we have the most reliable and fastest SMS API Integration gateway which allows the speedy transfer of bulk SMS from sender to receiver. The delay is sending and receiving a message is a worldwide problem. But we have made this problem easier for you. Now become a part of world’s most trusted SMS marketing solution which offers nothing but the best.


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Why Choose e-bulksms.com ?

Large SMS International Coverage

Fast SMS Delivery

24/7 SMS Support

No Setup Charge for any SMS account

No Minimum SMS to Purchase

No Hidden Cost for any SMS package

No Port Fees for SMS

We believe that mobile selling as a replacement medium will reach existing and prospective customers in a very targeted, anticipated, and relevant means. whether or not the target is client acquisition, client retention, brand/sales promotion or a product launch, e-Bulk SMS offers inventive, technical and international expertise to assist you meet your selling objectives. Bulk SMS ne'er been easier.

Even if you are not keen to try and do high-volume SMS promotional campaigns, you'll be able to still use SMS services as a strong tool to raised communicate with workers and customers.

There are efforts to use Bulk SMS services to get fully new revenue streams. Bulk SMS service could be a damn sight cheaper than causing out reminder letters and creating phone calls to follow up with customers.

Send Bulk SMS, scheduled SMS, Currency SMS, Gold Rate SMS or request any customizable SMS answer, we are going to be glad to assist.

There ar SMS broadcasting choices to suit any company's budget and wishes, therefore the real challenge is deciding wherever you would like to travel with the technology.

Start today your own Bulk SMS using our Bulk SMS services and see the difference.

According to Forrester analysis SMS selling is one among the foremost responsive selling communication mediums, with five times higher response rates than direct-mail selling.

Customers exploitation e-bulk SMS services for his or her country will enjoy our categorised information. Our SMS information is categorised by Location, Gender, Class (A,A+,B,...), operating field,... for alternative countries we will offer GSM Numbers with no classes.

Sending Bulk SMS to your clients never been easier.

Examples of the types of messages for which our SMS gateway is currently used include:

Jobs- alerting job-seekers to new openings which match their search criteria

Retail- informing customers of special offers or promotions

Banking alerts: update of bank balance and portfolio performance

Travel- alerting travelers of changes to flight schedules or delays

Auctions: alerting bidders of a higher bidder

Portals: alerting members of hot events


We at e-bulksms.com offer a large variety of SMS sending services including, Bulksms service, SMS API, SMS reseller accounts with a white label-free website. Moreover, the facility of direct route or the wholesale route is available. We are offering SMS marketing services to the clients for the past few years. However, we stick to an aim to provide the clients the advancement that their business needs.

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Send Single SMS

you can send single sms from our panle using your login details. the check the status of you message whether delivered or undelivered

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Send Bulk SMS

you can also send messages to your customers or clients as a bulk. you should use text file for sending bulksms. all you need to is upload txt file with numbers and send.

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Gruop Contacts

can create small groups to send sms instant. e-bulksms allows you to create group and send sms in your dashboard.

Become A Reseller

We will provide bulksms best reseller packages which you can not get any where.