How Exactly It Works?

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HLR Lookups may be a technology to see the status of any GSM telephone number. By transmitting the request to the HLR (Home Location Register), it determines number validation, whether it's currently active or not, and if active which network it is and whether it had been ported from another network or not, and also provides info about it's roaming. The query also will return meta information like the IMSI, MSC, MCC and MNC. .

The HLR Lookup API will take mobile number as input and returns the information. All mobile operators are connected by a network referred to as the Signaling System No. 7 network — or just the SS7. An HLR Lookup dips into a mobile network operator's HLR to get current and up-to-date information on a mobile number.

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What Exactly HLR Lookup?

With the emergence of Mobile Number Portability, telephone subscribers can now keep their number once they change carriers. One result's a dramatic rise within the number of consumers who prefer to change carriers and port their number to their new network, just because they often want the latest-model handset.

This in fact is very convenient for patrons , but it's also created a serious challenge: it's much harder now for businesses, universities, and other organizations to ensure the successful delivery of voice calls and text messages, because their customer databases is usually filled with invalid or deactivated phone numbers. The result? A costly expenditure of your time and money. HLR Lookup may be a service that gets around this.

Home Location Register (HLR) Lookup may be a number lookup service to work out a mobile user’s home network. The service also can be wont to compute where within the world the user is currently roaming.

HLR Lookup, therefore, enables companies to wash their contact lists and send them to valid numbers only (and/or via the right network), therefore optimizing campaign performance. Learn more about Clickatell’s number lookup service, e-bulksms Validate.

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The e-bulksms HLP Lookup Advantage

There are several advantages to use our HLR API of E-Bulksms. The reseller can extend their existing commercial relationships with clients to include the ability to find faulty numbers from bulk numbers. The reseller could undercut e-bulksms’s prices. As in the example. contact our support team to get the price for HLR Lookup.