How to send an SMS

From within the e-bulksms Dashboard, you can send SMS to a single contact or multiple contacts in one go, using our integrated SMS sending options. Upload data into your account and start building campaigns, or send SMS directly by utilising data from an excel/CSV file. In this article, we will cover the differences between Campaign Builder, Quick Send and Bulk Messages.

Quick Send

The Quick Send feature is particularly useful when sending to one number without using templates or variables.

Bulk Messaging

By sending SMS directly from an Excel/CSV file, Bulk Messaging is useful when you prefer not to store data in your Dashboard. It can be used to send different content to a list of recipients.

Personalized Messages

Our best user friendly dashboard will offer you to send personalized messages to your groups and contacts.

Send a text message from your company’s name

Just keep in mind that if you use a company or brand name as the originator, the amount of characters needs to be between 3 and 11 and subject to any country restrictions.